"Be The Best You Can Be Every day"

Super Skinny

The Ultimate Diet Tea with BPT-Lean is designed to aid weightloss without harmful laxatives.

Extreme Green

A powerful Anti-Aging tea that has half the caffeine of decaf green tea. 

Maximum Performance

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Brain Boost

A  black tea enhanced to increases focus and concentration as well as boosts memory.

  • Bonkers Performance Teas are for people who want to perform at their very best every day. From wieght-loss to high energy, mental alertness, anti-aging and overall rejuvenation.They are the most advanced performance teas in the world.


  • We are very proud that Ralph's Supermarkets in Southern California has been selling our teas to the celebreties of hollywood for over five years. 

  • For those of you who don't live in sunny Southern California, Check us out on

Quality and Efficacy

Bonkers Performance Teas are the best  performance enhancing teas in the world. Our quality is next to none and efficacy has been proven by the high number of repeat customers. We work vey hard to offer a superior product at a reasonable price. Our teas formulas are designed to hit the most imortant areas in your life that you may want to improve.